How will the increased Monitoring Rates affect me?

  • 6 mths ago

When are monthly monitoring rates increasing?

These changes will go into effect on your April billing statement.


How much are monitoring rates increasing?

Monitoring Plan

Current Rate

New Rate, April 2022

Cove Basic



Cove Basic (Economy Payment Program)



New Cove Plus



New Cove Plus (Economy Payment Program)



Current Cove Plus 


-No change-

Current Cove Plus (Economy Payment Program)


-No change-


I’m already on the Cove Plus plan. Will my rates be increasing?

No. When you signed up for the Plus plan, you received our Lifetime Monitoring Rate Lock Guarantee. When prices are raised, you are guaranteed to keep the same monthly monitoring rate.


I’m currently on the Cove Basic plan and am paying $14.99/month. Will my rates be increasing?

Yes. Starting in April, your monthly rate will increase to $17.99/month. If you would like to upgrade to the Plus plan to qualify for the Lifetime Monitoring Rate Lock Guarantee, we recommend doing so before the end of March 2022 to lock in your monitoring rate at $24.99/month. 

**Please note, if you are on our Economy (Pay Later) billing program and did not purchase your equipment when you initially signed up for Cove, your monitoring rate will increase from $24.99/month to $27.99/month, unless you switch to the Cove Plus monitoring plan.


Can I switch plans?

Yes. Cove Basic customers can switch plans at any time. However, in order to qualify for the $24.99/month monitoring rate, you will need to upgrade before the end of March 2022. 


How can I switch plans? 

If you’d like to switch plans, you can do so from your customer portal, under “My Account.” Click on this link now to upgrade. If you’d like help upgrading, please call us at 855.268.3669.


Why are monthly monitoring rates increasing?

Inflation is on the rise. This means that labor and supply costs are both rising industry-wide. To maintain the quality of service you’ve come to expect from a Cove system, and to continue to invest in providing the most advanced professional monitoring available, we are raising rates for all Basic plan customers and new Plus plan customers. We are continuously striving to improve our business to offer you the best service, monitoring, and equipment on the market.


How often are monthly rates increased?

This is the first time Cove has increased our monthly monitoring rates. Our priority is to maintain a high standard of equipment quality, fast response times, and customer service. We may need to adjust our rates again in the future, but we do not have a scheduled plan to do so at this time. 


How do I refer my friends and family to Cove before the increase takes effect?

You can refer your friends and family to Cove by sharing your personal referral link with them. This link can be found on the homepage of your Cove customer portal! It can also be found in your email inbox (just search for "Refer a Friend for a Reward"). They’ll just click the link, and during the checkout process, they'll get $25 off their equipment. Then when their equipment ships, we’ll automatically apply a free month of monitoring to your account!


Can I speak to someone about my account?

Absolutely! We’d love to answer any questions. You can reach out to us via chat at covesmart.com, or via phone at 855.268.3669

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