Canceling my Previous Alarm Provider

Most people don't like the process of canceling a service. We understand if you are concerned about changing home security providers, and so we have compiled some key tips to help you navigate the cancellation process effectively and efficiently.

Current Contract

The first item to address is your current agreement with your prior service provider. It is always best to review your original agreement, of which your provider should have given you a carbon copy. If you cannot locate your agreement, most companies will mail or email you a copy upon request. Once you have a copy of your agreement, locate the date of installation as well as the term of the agreement. Many agreement terms range from 3-5 years in length. You must fulfill any contractual obligations with your prior provider.

Contract Renewal Terms

Pay close attention to provisions in your agreement that renew your agreement term. Some agreements renew automatically after a certain period of time. Your prior service provider may have renewed or had you enter into a new agreement over the phone. Check with your prior service provider if you believe your agreement was renewed, or if you entered into a new agreement over the phone to verify.

Cancellation Process

  1. Certified Letter: we recommend you send a certified letter via USPS to your previous service provider (no return receipt needed as it will only cost you more money). The certified letter will allow you to track and verify that your previous service provider received the cancellation letter. Carefully record and retain the unique, 20-digit tracking number provided on the Certified Mail Receipt.
  2. Cancellation Letter: ensure the letter contains the following information:
    • Date
    • A reason for canceling service, for example, you may state that you have a new service provider
    • Printed name and signature of the account holder(s)
    • Phone number
    • Verbal password
  3. Follow-Up Call: if your account was being billed automatically (auto-draft), we recommend you contact your prior service provider to ensure you will no longer be charged additional payments.
  4. BE AWARE! Some companies have a 30-day notification policy of cancellation. You may have to pay another month of service even after you've successfully canceled your services.


Cove doesn't believe in pressuring members into keeping their alarm system. Some companies will attempt to make you feel guilty for canceling your service in an effort to keep your business. Remember, it is your right to use whomever you choose to protect your home and family. We will always do our best to earn the privilege to continually partner with you for your home security needs. 

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