How to Enable Alexa

The Alexa Skill is available to customers with Cove-Plus Monitoring packages.

To Activate this Feature

  1. Login to your Alexa App
  2. From the menu, select "Skills & Games"
  3. Search "Cove Security"
  4. When you find the Cove skill be sure to enable it by using your Cove app credentials to log in the skill

Using Alexa

When you are ready to use the Cove skill with Alexa, say:

  • "Alexa, arm Cove security away"
  • "Alexa, disarm Cove security"
  • "Alexa, arm Cove Security stay"

Call 855.268.3669 for additional assistance or you can email Support from the Contact Us page

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  • Where can I get a list of all valid commands?

      • CoveAdmin
      • Dallin
      • 3 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Melisa Capri Hello Melissa, that info should be in the Alexa Skill itself. All the same, here are the commands.

      "Alexa ask Cove Security to arm to away mode "

      "Alexa ask Cove Security to arm to stay mode"
      "Alexa ask Cove Security for my alarm status"

    • Cove If you would like to disarm you will need your passcode. "Alexa, ask Cove Security to disarm my system with code *your 4 digit code*"

  • Can Alexa enable night mode?

    • Hector Mercado Not currently, but thank you for the suggestion!