Panel Communication Error

  • 1 yr ago

We’ve recently identified a fulfillment issue that may be preventing your Cove Touch Screen Panel from communicating correctly with your sensors.

To find out if your panel is experiencing this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Plug in your panel and begin following the onscreen installation guide. 

  2. When the panel prompts you to trigger a sensor, please do so.

  3. If the panel is working properly, the sensor name should appear on the screen, and you should hear a chime sound, followed by the name of the sensor. If you hear this, you can continue setting up your system whenever it is convenient.

If you do not hear the chime or sensor name during this process, we will need you to contact us immediately at 855.268.3669, so that we can replace your system.

If you are unsure if you are experiencing this issue, please still contact us at 855.268.3669, so we can make sure everything is working properly.

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