Eufy Outdoor Camera

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The Eufy outdoor camera.

When you’re buying an outdoor camera, you want one that you know you can count on. It needs to be easy to use. Easy to set up. Low maintenance. High performance. Our Eufy outdoor camera is all of these, and it even looks amazing!


Solar-powered. Designed to thrive.

With an IP67 weatherproof rating, this camera stands up to rain, snow, and heat, so no matter where you live, you know you can count on it. A built-in solar panel ensures that as long as the sun shines for a couple of hours, this camera won’t need to be recharged. And when you’re getting a lot of rainy days and long nights, the battery will make sure your camera keeps recording, keeping you in the know.


Install it in 10 minutes or less. 

  1. Screw the camera base where you want it.
  2. Twist your camera onto the base.
  3. Stay connected through the Eufy app.


Put a spotlight on your visitors.

Light is an easy way to make sure you know who’s around your house at night, and it’s been suggested that lighting can even scare off potential intruders. That’s why this camera includes a 600-lumen spotlight, to make sure you can see what’s happening.

AI Human Detection

No need to worry about false positives from bugs or squirrels. This camera can tell within a  second if someone is approaching your home.

Activity Zones

If you live on a busy street, prevent your camera from triggering a notification every time a car drives past by selecting which areas the camera should pay attention to, and which ones it should ignore.


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